posted Jun.16.17 at 09:10 am

UPD: Next page gonna be uploaded with a delay, bc I'm attending workshops in another town! 


Today's update is a fanart made by wonderful Rian Gonzales! I'm always blown away by her use of fresh, vibrant colors.

In other news - I finally completely recovered and now getting back to work! Updates will be back next week.

Right now I'm working on something that I should have done long ago - interiors references! Here's a little sneak-peek of Ezra's cabinet. I'm trying sketchup for the first time, and it took me hilariously long time to make this one XD I'm saying "hilariously", bc my background is architecture, and I'm used to much more complicated software. But during the first day in Sketchup I was completely lost XD I guess it always takes a lot of time to get used to a new program. 

I'll be working on abbey corridors and Tom's and Degu's rooms next.

Have an enjoyable weekend!