posted Nov.09.16 at 05:28 am

UPD - I got burdened with work and can't finish the pages that I planned to post while I'm in LA :( Guess I'll have to take a break again (16, 23 and 30 of Nov, and 7 of Dec). Thanks for your patience and hope you having a nice November!

The storyboards are ready tho, so I really hope I'll manage to quickly catch up with updates in December.

Bye and see you on 14th of December!~


Hello, everyone :)

I'm happy to be back on track ^^ Last month was a bit harsh to me in terms of health so I had to take a break, but now I'm finally catching up with work. Thanks for waiting!

Also next week I'm heading to LA. I'll be at CTNexpo in Burbank, tabling with my buddy Zac Retz. If you're there make sure to come and say hi! to me!) I'll be at the table T014.

Since I'm leaving next week, pages will be uploaded automatically for some time. If there's no update, it means I'm still not home and there're not enough pages to cover the break. I'll be back on 9th of December! Bye till then! 

Thanks and stay healthy~